Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world…

Just kidding. I grew up in London, Ontario and besides moving away for college, that’s still the place I call home. I am fun and creative, humour and iced coffee runs through my veins.

Writing has always been my strong suit. Being a creative writer in my spare time has allowed me to expand my vocabulary and open my eyes to all the different ways a story can be told, and how each version impacts a reader. I was awarded with the “Brian Charlton Writers Award” at my high school graduation for being the most engaged and talented student in the Writer’s Craft course. My love for poetry and the power of words is what intrigued me into turning writing into a possible career.

I now attend Conestoga College and am in my second year of Public Relations. I went from being a seventeen year old kid at a loss of where I wanted my life to go, to being enrolled in a program that has allowed me to strengthen my skills and learn new ones. I’m thoroughly enjoying my position in life and am excited to enter the professional world of Public Relations.

In between 3 part time jobs, school, and volunteering opportunities, my work ethic is notably impressive. I am a chameleon, able to adapt to any situation I may be thrown into, while still being unapologetically myself. I work well with others, and I strive independently as well. No matter the job, I always give 100%.

With my drive, commitment, and enthusiasm, I am excited to see what we can create together.